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Care tips


  • Choose shoes according to size and completeness, consider the features of the foot.
  • When operating, consider seasonality and weather conditions.
  • In winter, it is necessary to process and nourish the shoe material from getting wet in the snow-water mixture and from the effects of harmful substances dissolved in it. 
  • Shoes should be dried at room temperature. It is forbidden to dry near heating devices and heat sources (ovens, hair dryers, batteries, electric heaters).
  • It is recommended to treat new shoes at the beginning of operation with a specialized agent depending on the material (sprays, waxes, creams). Read the instructions for use of the product. It is important to treat your shoes regularly to protect them and prolong their lifespan.
  • Shoes should be washed with warm water, without aggressive cleaners, with a soft sponge, brush or cloth.
  • When putting on and taking off your shoes, fully untie the laces and carefully zip and unzip. Be careful with decorative fittings. Use the shoehorn to put on your pair. Take off your shoes carefully without stepping on the heel of the product.
  • Shoes made of genuine leather, when naturally dried on special wooden holders, restore their shape within 24 hours.
  • Please note that when exposed to the moisture naturally released by the foot or when wet, the inner material may stain the foot.


    • Hand or machine wash on delicate cycle at 30°C.
    • The powder should be used without bleaching agents in the composition.
    • It is not recommended to use the spin in the washing machine.
    • Squeeze with your hands, do not twist!
    • Lay out to dry on a flat absorbent surface.
    • It is not recommended to dry things on the battery.


    Proper care will ensure a long product life. We advise you to read product recommendation labels before taking any care measures.

    How to clean?

    • The coat is strictly forbidden to wash, the wool needs a thorough dry cleaning.
    • Small dirt can be removed by yourself, let the dirt dry, then gently comb the fabric with a special brush for clothes in the direction of the pile.
    • Dust and animal hair can be removed with a sticky roller or velor brush.

    How to dry?

    • After heavy snowfall or rain, the product must be dried on a hanger, away from heating devices (ovens, hair dryer, batteries, electric heaters).
    • Avoid direct sunlight on the coat for a long time, this may damage the fabric.
    • Until the wool dries, it should not come into contact with other things or objects.

    How to iron?

    • If wrinkles have formed on the fabric, you can remove them by hanging the coat on a coat hanger in a room with high humidity.
    • On the front side, the product should be ironed in a vertical position, using an iron with vertical steam supply or a steamer. the soleplate of the iron should be at a distance of 3-5 cm from the fabric.
    • On a flat surface, the coat can be ironed through a damp cloth.
    • Iron the wrong side without using moisture.

    Off-season storage:

    • Do not store your coat in drawers and suitcases - it will wrinkle and lose its shape.
    • Do not store coats in polyethylene cases, a cloth case will do.
    • Hang your coat on wide coat hangers.


    • Hand wash 30 C.
    • It is recommended to use a gel for delicate fabrics and do not use powders, bleaches, stain removers and products with alkali in the composition.
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